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How to add funds to a Skype account - WebMoney Wiki To add to your account perform the following: Go to the Account page on the Skype website, log in, and then click on the "Add Skype Credit" button. on the opened page, select the amount to be credited to the account. Then choose "WebMoney" and click "Next". skype credit - Newegg.com Skype $10 Prepaid Credit. Disclaimer: Skype Gift Cards must be redeemed within one year upon the purchase date. Up to 400 minutes of calling is based on a rate of $0.023 per minute; a connection fee per call applies. Actual minutes of calling may vary based on calling destination and number of calls made.

Apr 27, 2020 · If the person you are calling is a Skype user, you can call their Skype account for free. If you're calling a landline or mobile phone number, you'll need Skype Credit to pay for the call. Tap the Get Credit button at the top of your contacts list to add credit you can use for calls.

How do I purchase Skype Credit? | Skype Support Sign in to your account and select Buy Credit. If you've bought Skype Credit before, select Add Skype … Skype Prepaid Cards and gift cards Skype Cards . Use the Skype Credit on your card to call mobiles and landlines worldwide at great low rates. Redeem your Skype Card . How to redeem your Skype Card: Step 1 . You’ll need a Skype Account to redeem your credit. Don’t have one. Sign up for free. Step 2 . Click on redeem your card and input the voucher number that appears on the

Use a screen reader to buy Skype Credit in Skype for Windows. This article is also available for:Skype for MacSkype for Mobile This article is for people with visual impairments who use a screen reader program with

Apr 10, 2020