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Oct 31, 2012 · Amule started and i have a low ID. I had in emule a high ID. I set all the parameters according the above information but it still does not work. I saw this Item and thought this might be something for me. First of all. Do I need to close amule and restart to set the parameters correctly? I am not aware of a firewall Hi Guys, Ive opened ports on local router 4662 TCP and 4672 on UDP. Same Port settings on Amule under connections. Ive opened ports on client areaports and set the local ports as above and Im given a randomised port for both UDP and TCP. Switch amule on and i get a low ID. I am also using the app aMule and Low ID: bad_andy: Linux - Software: 1: 01-04-2005 01:43 AM: amule and dhcp low id: props666999: Slackware: 3: 11-04-2004 06:46 AM: LinuxQuestions.org Jul 20, 2014 · Voilà une vidéo qui explique comment passer de Low ID à High ID sur eMule (je suis sous Windows 7). Suivez mes instructions à la lettre et vous passerez facilement en High ID ce qui vous

L'ID (identifiant) est un numéro d'utilisateur unique affecté par eMule en début de connexion : Une ID nulle indique que le client emule n'est connecté à aucun serveur Une ID faible ou Low ID

Sep 03, 2007

Using inter-client UDP reduces the connection overhead and also lessens load on the servers. It is necessary that this ports is open and forwarded just like the TCP port or Kademlia will receive the status firewalled, which is the same as low ID on a server.

amulecmd is a console-based client to control aMule. [ -h , --host= ] Host where aMule is running (default: localhost).